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DogDarez Monthly Contest

In order to promote creativity and urge people to be daring when completing a dare, we run a monthly contest for all of our site users. There is no special entry or and hoops to jump through. Simply sign up using our simple registration form and issue a dare to one of your friends or someone you know. We will have two categories of winners each month.

Category 1: Most creative dare. Think outside the box and use your creativity when coming up with your dare. It can be simple or complex, but what we are looking for is something unique.

Category 2: The most daring completion. Simply put, whoever completes the most courageous dare wins. This one is simple in that all you have to do is have the ciurage and gall to do something we consider the most daring of the month. Either take a picture or post a video of yourself complating this dare and post it as your dare proof and you win.

Our software is simple and to the point. You issue a dare, it is either accepted or rejected, but that will not stop you from winning in the first category. If you issue the most creative dare, even if its rejected, we will award your creativity. Sane thing for the most daring. It may not be complex or creative, but if it takes mounds of courage to complete, you will win for that month.

You can win as often as you choose as long as it fits as most creative and most daring. We wish you luck and look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

Contact us here with questions or Suggestions. For an overiew of how the dare system and lifecycle of a dare works click here.



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