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How it works

We are currently in BETA testing. Click here to find out more.

Obviously, the best dares will be ones that are achievable yet challenging. You can even make your dare private so only you can see the proof or you can share with select friends only. In fact, if the dare is risque or in any way even a bit dirty or involves questionable subject matter we ask that you please make it private. (We reserve the right to make any dares private at any time based on what you say or upload. Repeat offenders will have their IP Address blocked.) You are in complete control of how the dare plays out an how it is shared. You can share the dare on social media, creating more incentive for the other person to accept or you can keep it between you and the other person notifying them only by email that they have been challenged. Any way you go about it, it will be fun and exhilarating. We strive to make your experience as simple and fun as possible.So now that you have the tools, go out there and lay down the gauntlets, if you dare…

The icon on the left reflects the status of the dare description on the right.

Status Icon Dare Definition
DogDarez is a simple app that allows you to Dare your friends to do something fun, silly or crazy! When you do its a dare!
They, in turn, have the option to accept the challenge...
Or make it a Double Dog Dare by declaring “I will, if you will.”
This puts the ball back in your court, you can accept the double dare and you can both perform the challenge, showing the world neither of you are afraid to do it
or you can go all in and make it a dreaded Triple Dog Dare. By tripling down you say “No way, this is your dare” and now your friend has to make the choice to publicly turn down the dare or accept the challenge.
If the dare has been accepted, they can upload a picture or video as proof of completion.
If the dare is turned down its status will be set to rejected and it will be archived in the halls of shame.
If a user completes a dare and post the proof , then it can be marked as completed and the checkmark will signify the end of the dare.

And for those who are most creative and most daring, there is a monthly prize of a $100 Visa Gift Card. Read about it here.

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